First Flights!

The more I try to update this blog the more I take longer.. s o r r y!

I have started flying already!! ( That’s why! )
And I’ve got SO much to tell about it, yay!

As you finish the training you get like two days off to relax and then you already start flying.. You get two SUPY flights, which means that you won’t be operating the flight, you are there just to observe and learn.. 🙂
My first flight was to CDG Paris! It was amazing to me to be able to go back to the City of Light as an Emirates Cabin Crew.. First time I’ve been to Paris in 2013, on my way back home, already in the airplane ready for take off I saw from my window an EK airplane landing, and that was the first time I’ve ever seen the EK A380, it was fascinating watching it from my window and since then I found myself dreaming even more on going back to Paris as an EK crew.
So, on Valentine’s Day, on my very first flight there I was.. Back to Paris working for Emirates! Its hard to believe how my plans came out that perfect, I’m so blessed for this.
I traveled with my batch matte to Paris, we both took off and landed from the flight deck and it was UNFORGETTABLE! On our two SUPYs flights we can take off and land from there cause there’s no jump seat available for us..
We were so excited during the flight that we didn’t even fell the time going by, I helped as much as I could with the service and clearance so that I could start getting used to it..  The crew were absolute amazing with us, they took us to the lounge on the upper deck to look around and relax for a little bit, that was definitely the best in-flight experience I ( as a crew ) have ever had. I love Emirates!


My second SUPY flight was to Mumbai BOM, India. It was a turn around on B777 so we didn’t leave the aircraft after we arrived, it was such a busy flight.. Quite fast but again, the crew were amazing and that’s what sets the flight apart. 😀

Now, just to brainstorm the past two weeks: I’ve been flying as an operating crew already, I had two turn around to LHE Lahore, Pakistan and CAI Cairo, Egypt on B777 and one layover in BKK Bangkok, Thailand which was WONDERFUL!


Of course, it hasn’t been a piece of cake to me since I’m brand new and this Aviation world, but I’m improving in every flight and that’s what matters to me, learn from mistakes and do my best in every flight. Soon I will be more independent in the cabin and ready for new challenges..

Thanks to all of you for following my experience!
I feel really happy to receive your comments 🙂


End of training, time for a new post!

Hi there,

After 8 intensive weeks, we’ve finally finished the Emirates Crew Training. I feel so relieved for have gone through it successfully, it was delightful but really intense to me.
As I mentioned previously we learn SO much in such a short period, that makes you wonder what’s next, but as I always say that’s what sets Emirates apart, it’s not out of the blue that they’re the best and makes me even more proud to be part of it!


The ~only~ effort you have to make during the training is do not forget what you have learned since you started.
After GMT, comes Security, Image & Uniform and then two weeks of Service, one which you gotta pay attention cause there’s a bunch of details that you must follow to, but it is relaxing and fun cause there’s a lot of practicals where you will play as a passenger and will have lunch/dinner/breakfast in the simulator 🙂
For those of you who are coming soon to join us, make sure you learn the airport codes in advance, you will need to know a lot about it once starting service and this information has already been given to you.
Here it goes two of them: GRU and GIG 🙂 Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.
Enjoy it!

We have finished the training last week and it was weird to say goodbye to our trainers and to the whole batch, training college became like our home and my group like a family to me, we all are gonna start flying now with different rosters every month, so stay in touch with them gets harder.
I had my first flight already last week and I’ll post about it but the flight was even better cause I flew with my best friend in my batch so I’m so lucky for all this have happened the way I’ve always dreamed to.

Thanks for still following the blog and I apologize for have taken so long on updating it.
I’m really busy right now, but I won’t stop writing about it.


EK – 8 Weeks Training

Moving to Dubai working as a Cabin Crew for one of the top 5 Airlines in the world isn’t for everybody.
I have completed disappeared from this blog since the entire month for a fair reason: Emirates Training!
It’s been 5 weeks that I moved to UAE and I honestly already feel that I’ve been here for 5 months.. hahah NO kidding! We learn so much during the training that it feels just like it.
I have a lot to tell but as it’s been quite long since my last post I will try to brainstorm my experience with this intensive Crew Training.

After the first week of induction we started SEP which means Safety Emergency Procedures. It’s a two weeks course full of new information, exams, practices in simulators and lack of sleep. 🙂
We learn everything about the aircraft, how to react in a emergency situation and so on..
It’s NOT hard, it’s just a lot of information coming up all at the same time and of course you might get a little confused/tired but it’s all really exciting.
This is a picture from Emirates Training College that I took from the 7th floor in the morning.

colle du

You need to achieve at least 80% in the exams in order to continue with the course, luckily Emirates SEP trainers are the best trainers ever, I LOVED them, they are so much fun and nice to be around with, you sort of learn laughing with them. 🙂
SEP is known as the hardest part of the training, once you finish it you start GMT which is Group Medical Training.

Ditching is the last part of the SEP, it’s a very unique experience for us future Cabin Crews. ditc

di ek (2)

I wish I could give you all the details about this experience, but I don’t wanna mess up with the feelings that you might feel once you get here.
I’ll just make you want this even more so you can share your thoughts with me later on and tell me how wonderful it is to be here.

Continuing on the training, we also have finished GMT this weekend and we’ve officially said goodbye to the red t-shirts.. Now this dream really feels real, from now on we will be wearing our uniform and start with Service, Image & Uniform, Security and then fly away.
I’ve got goosebumps just to think that in less than a month I’ll be flying already.

It is sometimes a little awkward to think I’ll be away from my batch, we all became like a family for each other and this is amazing. Nobody ever felt homesick so far. In addition, getting around Dubai with a group of people all over the world is something to be proud about.


That’s all I can write today, my time is fleeting but I don’t wanna miss the chance to post my experience in here.
I’ll be back as soon as I can to tell you more about Dubai and what comes next in the training!

Hello Tomorrow!

Hello from Dubai!

Today it’s been exactly one week since I arrived! In a nutshell it’s all been just incredibly AMAZING!

I’m gonna try to brainstorm my first week since I stepped in at the DXB airport for you 🙂
There is a lot to tell but not so many words to describe the feelings.

I arrived on Friday night at 9:45pm in Dubai. My flight experience was just great, I flew Emirates from São Paulo GRU to DXB (14 hrs flight ) for the very first time and didn’t really feel the time running out at all.. Their entertainment system ( ICE – Information, Communication and Entertainment ) can keep you awake for a long time if you are up to!
Once I arrived at DXB the Marhaba Group literally welcomed me and helped with luggage and visa stuff. I was the only one from my country joining EK in that day so I didn’t have to wait that long to be taken home.

I have gotten my accommodation already and have settled in as well so far, I just have one flatmate to share the accommodation with, but as she has already been flying for 10 months it’s hard to see her around.



The week always starts on Sunday in Dubai and it has also started my first day of Induction. The new joiners ( around 60 people from all over the Globe ) all met at Emirates Group Headquarters on the day 1.
We took the bus provided by EK to get there, our accommodation is really nice but a little far from the loop.

The inductors are all very friendly and funny, they are really good professionals who visibly love what they’ve chosen for their lives.. That’s the impression I had when I met them.
Everyday I’m so thankful for being here, I’m really enjoying this new chapter and feel that this job will be mine for several years.

Here are some pics from EHQ, you can have an amazing view of DXB airport from there!

IMG_2443 IMG_2445 IMG_2492 IMG_2494

For those who love coffee like me, there is a Costa Coffee everywhere you go.. I still haven’t seen any Starbucks around I’m sure there’s some though, Costa Coffee can be a version of it. 🙂 But I miss Starbucks.

In the first week of Induction be prepared to receive lots of information! As we are tired and getting used to the new time zone, it can be a challenge to remember all the new things.. But it’s so rewarding that you don’t feel at all 🙂

In the day 2 we got our Red shirts and the “thin” Manual Operations from the EK Library. I’ve been selected to operate A380 and B777! I’m so happy!!

In the first week of Induction you have more free time to go out and do your stuff, we are all required to sign more papers, take the blood test, take more photos for UAE ID, Cabin Crew Portal and so on… We are also taught a lot about the Company, UAE and Customer Service, I totally enjoyed all the assessments so far but I also know that there is more challenges coming up..

On Christmas day, some people from my group and batch got together and we had dinner at the Marina in Dubai, that was beautiful and my first night out in the city. Burj Khalifa can be easily seen from “everywhere” it’s really tall and impressive… I haven’t had so many time to go sightseeing though, I have just completed my first week here and don’t really feel rushed to see everything at the same time. I’m right now more focused on what brought me here, getting to know the city it’s just a consequence as always.

That’s all for today! Hope to connect sooner..

Bye from Dubai!

It’s Today!!!!

It’s today 😀

I am at the airport right now waiting for my flight, which is in 9 hours ahead. :O Yeah, I came too early I know.. I had to get a domestic flight from my city to Sâo Paulo and as the early flights were cheaper, I ended up booking it.
It was sad to say goodbye to my family though, I barely came back from an exchange and I’m leaving again. But my wings already existed, all I have to do is fly…….                               Away.

I am excited to get there and live my dream; I’ve waited so long for this and now just got to enjoy it.
Last week I got the Eticket and visa from Emirates HR Employee Service, so I was all set to take off since then.
During our flight to Dubai we also need to look around and write in the workbook about EK in-flight experience, Cabin Crew service and so on.. That means we will be already working since we step in! hah
Can’t wait for tomorrow!

Emirates slogan definitely fits in my case right now.. #HelloTomorrow
Talk to you from Dubai!


New chapter coming up…

Hello there!
I’m SO excited to share the big news with you!
It’s been one week since I came back from U.S after have lived there for exactly two years. Despite the “homesickness issues” that I already feel about America, I’m glad to be back and get to see my beloved ones in Brazil again. My time here is fleeting anyway! 😀 😀

On my way back to Brazil I flew to Rio de Janeiro for the very first time.. I went to visit a friend who has also been an Au Pair before and I got so impressed about Rio’s natural beauty..  it’s super exciting to think that I’ll be able to go back there at some point working for Emirates. And perhaps you too!

Today I also got my E-ticket, Visa and joining instructions on the Candidate Portal.
Can’t hardly believe that I’m leaving for Dubai in 7 days.. How insane the time is!
It’s seems that I just had my Final Interview. I love this feeling of flying away though, I’m such a bird and totally belong to the world.


That’s all for today.. I’ll be back shortly to tell more about my remaining time in my homecountry.
If you have any more questions please let me know about them! And once I arrive in Dubai I’ll be able to post more about my daily routine so if you want to you can check it out my Instagram: analujbt

Thank you for your time and take care!


Hi there!

Just a quick update about my Pre Joining process-waiting.. 😛

After getting the Final Approval I think everyone settles down for a while and starts making the arrangements for the trip.. So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing lately..
I finished reading and answering most of the questions in the Cabin Crew pre-course workbook and got the rest of the photos done.. ( you still have a bunch of photos to take or print it out for the HR, Flying License and US visa ). etc..
As I mentioned in my previous posts I’m an Au Pair in the U.S who is about to go back home after being here for 2 years.. I have two big trips coming up: My return to my home country which is in 15 days and then I will take up residence in Dubai which is in ~30 days.
So, I’m super excited to leave 😀

Anyway, as soon as I get more news from EK regarding to my travel arrangements and ETicket and Visa, I’ll post in here 🙂

If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to ask me! Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you shortly.
Thank you!!